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Pottery Retreat

Pottery Retreat

Retreat Bookings now open for 2021

The pottery holidays are best suited to serious aspirants looking for personalized teaching & peaceful practice time.

Long stay pottery retreats at Aura are structured getaways for individuals who are at the beginner level or intermediate potters. A beginners pottery course is for a minimum duration of one week. A long stay would range typically from 2 weeks (min) to 12 weeks (max). Our local guests can choose to complete their retreat over weekend classes. 

A pottery retreat means you spend time with like-minded people, explore your own creativity, get inspired by others, and all along enjoy and learn the art of pottery from India. Call it a pottery learning holiday, if you will.

Things you will learn:

  1. Wedging and clay preparation
  2. Wheel throwing, centering, pulling and making basic pottery shapes
  3. Trimming and finishing on the wheel
  4. Hand building techniques like Pinching, Slab making and Coiling.
  5. Bisque firing
  6. Glaze application
  7. Glaze firing

Note: Steps 5, 6, and 7 are valid only in a Four to Twelve week program.

Pricing for pottery retreats are as follows:

With Accommodation and Meals

textOne Week:
INR 31,500
USD 426
textTwo Weeks:
INR 63,000
USD 851
textFour Weeks:
INR 1,26,000
USD 1,703
textEight Weeks:
INR 2,52,000
USD 3,405
textTwelve Weeks:
INR 3,78,000
USD 5,108

Without Accommodation and Meals

textOne Week:
INR 17,500
USD 236
textTwo Weeks:
INR 35,000 
USD 440
textFour Weeks:
INR 70,000
USD 946
textEight Weeks:
INR 1,40,000
USD 1,892
textTwelve Weeks:
INR 2,10,000
USD 2,838

The retreat is for adults 18 years and above only.


Please coordinate your retreat with us over email at hello@aurapottery.com or by filling up the form at the bottom of this page. Once your booking dates are confirmed over email, use the button below to pay for your retreat.


  • Studio In-charge available for instruction through the week
  • The Studio is open for practice from 8am to 8pm (12 hours)
  • All material for pottery is included in the above costs
  • Firing & Glazing will be done only for residents staying for a duration of 1 month or more, at an additional cost of Rs. 100 per 100 grams
  • The pottery holiday must be booked and paid for, in advance
  • Please email us at hello@aurapottery.com with your preferred dates to book a long stay

Studio Visiting Hours: 4pm - 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays only.