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Pottery Retreats

Pottery retreats at Aura are structured getaways for individuals who are at the beginner level or intermediate potters. These ceramic retreats are typically 10 day affairs, filled with camaraderie, activities, discussions, lots of clay and some fun work produced. A pottery retreat means you spend time with like-minded people, explore your own creativity, get inspired by others, and all along enjoy and learn by way of other activities. Call it a pottery holiday, if you will.
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The format of the pottery retreat is roughly an 80:20 ratio of pottery and other activities. For instance, you could have yoga in the morning, a dance movement therapy session in the afternoon, and a screening of a film on pottery in the evening. Someone could pop in to teach you how to make henna tattoos, or you could do a batik and indigo dyeing workshop one afternoon. The idea is to have a rich experience at Aura which will help you discover yourself a little more.

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The activities at Aura, apart from pottery, are organized on the basis of availability of associates who would conduct the sessions or teach a skill. Activities include yoga, painting, screening of films, a pickle making workshop, a tie & dye class, a batik workshop, a dance movement therapy session, story-telling, a talk on nutrition or health, a trip to the village etc. New activities are added all the time, and when you book your retreat, we will share the detailed schedule with you.


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Calendar & Pricing:

The pottery retreat calendar is as follows for 2019:

  • MARCH 2019: Friday 08th to Sunday 17th | Book a spot| 6 Spots left |

  • APRIL 2019: Friday 12th to Sunday 21st | Book a spot|7 Spots left |

  • MAY 2019: Friday 10th to Sunday 19th | Book a spot| 5 Spots left |

  • JUNE 2019: Friday 07th  to Sunday 16th | Book a spot| 6 Spots left|

  • JULY 2019: Friday 12th to Sunday 21st | Book a spot| 5 Spots left |

  • AUGUST 2019: Friday 09th to Sunday 18th | Book a spot|6 Spots left |

  • SEPTEMBER 2019: Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd | Book a spot|6 Spots left |

  • OCTOBER 2019: Friday 11th to Sunday 20th | Book a spot|6 Spots left |


Please email us at hello@aurapottery.com with your preferred dates to book a retreat at Aura



  • There are only 10 spots available for each retreat
  • All retreats start on a Friday and end on a Monday morning
  • Lunch and dinner are included for the starting Friday
  • Breakfast is included on the checking out Monday
  • We request you to arrive at Aura by evening on the Friday your retreat starts

Pricing for the 10 day retreat is INR 84000



  • Meals and stay are included in the cost
  • All activities are included in the cost
  • All material for pottery is included in the above costs
  • Firing & Glazing is included for up to 1kg of work
  • For additional work, a cost of INR 100 per 100 grams shall apply
  • The pottery retreat must be booked and paid for in advance



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