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Pottery Course

Pottery Course

Bookings for the Pottery Course are Now Open

The 2 month Pottery Course at Aura Pottery are best suited to local residents who are at the beginner or intermediate level. If you're looking for pottery courses or clay classes near you, look no further. You can spend 4 weeks learning pottery basics (Learners’ Month) and another 4 weeks making pottery that you can take back with you (Makers’ Month).

Our classes include hand-building methods, as well as wheel throwing. The ideal program length to give you a good grounding in pottery is 8 weeks. Pottery classes take place Monday to Saturday, each class lasts about 4 hours, but the schedule can be flexible as per your convenience. We are located near New Chandigarh; please view this map for the exact location.

Week 1


Clay preparation

Hand building



Slab making

Week 2

Wheel work





Week 3

Trimming pots

Finishing pots

Attaching handles

Week 4


2 Wheel products

2 Coiled works

2 Slab works

2 pinched works

2 mixed technique works

Learners’ Month

The program duration is 4 weeks and you learn various pottery-making techniques. In this pottery program, you spend four hours a day from 10am to 2pm or 2pm to 6pm in the Aura Pottery studio, with like minded people, learning the basic techniques of pottery-making on the wheel, with slabs and using other techniques.

Program price: Rs. 35,000 (to be paid upfront)

Makers’ Month

The Makers’ Month is a 4-week module for making, glazing, firing, and producing your own work independently. During this month, you spend 4 weeks putting all the techniques you learnt into practice, with the objective of making pottery that you wish to make, fire, glaze and take home with you. The studio will be available for you to use for four hours every day, between 10am and 2pm OR 2pm and 6pm.

Program price: Rs. 35,000 (to be paid upfront)
Week 1

Plan project


Produce work

Week 2

Produce work

Week 3

Produce work

Week 4

Finishing of work

Bisque firing

Glaze Application

Glaze Firing


  • The pottery course is for people aged 16 years and above
  • The studio instructor is available through the week, Mon to Sat
  • Classes will be held Mon to Sat from 10am to 2pm OR 2pm to 6pm
  • Students may opt for a flexible schedule but must finish their 24 sessions within 8 weeks
  • All pottery-making material is included in the cost
  • Firing fee is applicable for the Makers’ Month students at an additional cost of Rs. 100 per 100 grams
  • The pottery course must be signed-up for and paid for in advance
  • Please email us at hello@aurapottery.com or fill in the form below to sign up