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  • Thank you for an amazing stay! We have enjoyed painting, pottery, the pool and best of all, the company. You have all been so kind and welcoming (including Tofu and Fifi)!

  • I really like the vibe of this place, everything here from the people to animals, from food to surroundings is so warm and welcoming. I love with Aura!

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    Amidst endless hues of green, with orchards of yellows ,reds and colours in between. sweet limes, papays, guavas and figs, everyone was free to have their pick. Fresh and green, with the scent of mud in d air, with pretty lil birds chirping every where. The sight of wood fire a pleasant one, the voice of peacocks breaking dawn. A lounge, a mess and rooms to stay, a loaded studio, a pool, and swings from trees and hammocks to sway. freedom and atmosphere to think and create, while a stud of a curator puts pakoras n samosas on plate. Tea and coffee at hand as u please, while a sit by the lily pond puts ones mind at ease. Two beautiful labs, tofu n Fifi, as cheerful n loving as labs can be. While A beautiful hostess gives u lessons on creating with clay, a braided, lil coordinator makes sure u have a perfect stay. Delish Punjabi food to lunch n dine, and ûr exhibition opens with beautiful people cheese n wine. Paint ûr heart out while at Aura art stay, be assured ul leave a piece of u back, as u go away.

  • Aura Art Stay has helped me to understand the joy of painting together. My next venture into Acrylics on canvas and any art produced thus shall be credited to Aura Art Stay.
    An absolute experience to paint at Aura with nature and a friendly atmosphere.

  • Thank you so much for this experience. I'll soon be back with some more light.