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The Aura Experience

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    I spent three weeks at Aura Pottery. I loved it. Aura is its own hidden oasis with many trees, fruit trees and gardens. I got to learn at my own speed. It gave me time to look at my process's and make templates with guidance from Raksha the studio manager and potter. One of the great things about Aura, is that it gives you an experience in India with out it being full on and in the big busy cities. The studio is really well equipped and I was totally happy with the accommodation. If you are looking to improve your pottery or learn Aura is a great studio to be in.

    Published on: 05-Jul-2019
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    Amidst endless hues of green, with orchards of yellows, reds and colors in between. sweet limes, papayas, guavas and figs, everyone was free to have their pick. A lounge, a mess and rooms to stay, a loaded studio, a pool, and swings from trees and hammocks to sway. Tea and coffee at hand as u please, while a sit by the lily pond puts ones mind at ease. Two beautiful labs, tofu n Fifi, as cheerful n loving as labs can be. While A beautiful hostess gives u lessons on creating with clay, a braided, lil coordinator makes sure u have a perfect stay.

    Published on: 24-Sep-2018
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    I have just spent 3 weeks at Aura. it is the perfect place to be creative. I wanted to do things I'd never done before like casting. if there is a will there is an opportunity. It is a beautiful place and if you need the big city it's a bus ride away. Being the only foreign artist here, I was made to feel so welcome by the people who worked there and made to feel like one of the family with the lovely Guptas...thank you I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

    Published on: 23-Sep-2018
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    Spending time at Aura was a wonderful experience. As an artist I would love to come back and add to the 'Aura' that has been created in this area! All the best for the future!

    Published on: 22-Sep-2018
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    Hi Anuja, thanks to you and your family for everything. My time there was exactly what I needed and more. Stay blessed and best of luck with all.

    Published on: 21-Sep-2018
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    Aura is truly an artists' paradise! Nothing beats this place if you want to unwind, relax, spend time with two floofs, chill in the studio and detox from unhealthy city lives. Just brilliant!

    Published on: 21-Sep-2018
  • 1540298819-5ba36560b8a15-shilpi.jpg

    "Bliss" here it is. Enjoy, experience, love n just be.... Creativity in every spec around this place."

    Published on: 19-Sep-2018
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    Aura Pottery has such a beautiful, peacefull surrounding.... perfect to create, to meditate, to loose yourself!

    Published on: 19-Sep-2018
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    Thank you so much for this experience. I'll soon be back with some more light.

    Published on: 19-Sep-2018
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    Had the most beautiful stay at Aura Pottery, it is a peaceful place to stay and work on your craft. I learned new techniques and pushed my creative boundaries. Thank you Aura for a fantastic stay.

    Published on: 18-Sep-2018
  • 1540373769-5ba39cc993b4e-mandeep-and-joe.png

    Thank you for an amazing stay! We have enjoyed pottery, painting, the pool and best of all, the company. You have all been so kind and welcoming (including Tofu and Fifi)!

    Published on: 18-Sep-2018
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    Thank you for letting me paint on your walls and for creating a little haven in chaotic India. I've loved being around different types of artists and spending a few days in this calm and beautiful place.

    Published on: 18-Sep-2018
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    The pottery classes are awesome. The ambiance is great.

    Published on: 17-Sep-2018
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    Such a nice and amazing experience. Would surely like to attend upcoming events as well.

    Published on: 16-Sep-2018
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    Amazing experience! Looking forward to many more such fun workshops. Beautiful ambiance!!

    Published on: 16-Sep-2018
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    Amazing place! You can feel the energy here. A great place to find yourself.

    Published on: 16-Sep-2018
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    Don't have too many words to express, just one, 'Beautiful'!

    Published on: 16-Sep-2018
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    I really like the vibe of this place, everything here from the people to animals, from food to surroundings is so warm and welcoming. I'm in love with Aura!

    Published on: 16-Sep-2018
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    Thanks to Aura for we re-discovered ourselves - the artist within.

    Published on: 16-Sep-2018
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    About my experience at aura, it was really nice. I learned loads and it was great to have the studio for myself. I would only recommend it to someone who’s independent because you need to be able to work on your own. Also making the studio space a little more comfy and with more care would be a plus. The food was great to my taste.

    Published on: 21-Jun-2017