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The Studio

The Aura pottery studio is roughly a 1000 sq. ft. space, which is slowly turning into a full blown pottery place. If you're wondering where to learn pottery, our studio is a great place to start. Equipped with pottery wheels, a slab roller and tools of the craft, the studio is evolving at a continuous pace to serve as a perfect learning spot with pottery as the central theme. Slowly the spaces will get segmented into throwing areas, hand-building spaces, drying and finishing areas, and glazing areas.

The making of conventional handmade pottery and clay pottery in India do not require a very high end studio facility. At Aura, since we work with stoneware and high fire glazes, the studio is well-equipped with access to the most modern tools. Aura Pottery is one of the interesting places to visit near Chandigarh, India.


Studio Visiting Hours: 4pm - 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Outdoor Area

Slab Work Area

Open Spaces

Slab Roller



The studio spaces are currently divided into the throwing areas, hand building as well as storing and drying spaces. The glazing activity is carried out in the open. Currently the studio also houses a dining area for the residents. All sides of the studio building open into various courtyards that have other facilities to work with. The studio interiors are air conditioned, bright and well lit. Residents are welcome to play their own music and work at their own pace.

Finishing Area

Storing Space

Dining Area

Pottery Wheel



All around the studio, there is an open courtyard with different functions. On one side, there are three kilns for firing the ceramics. The main courtyard is where one can work in the open or chill on the hammock. All glazing and finishing is done here. Behind the studio, we have an open kitchen for tea, coffee etc. A washing station is located here for all cleaning and washing activities as you wind up your day of pottery. A spray booth is also located on the outside for spraying glazes onto pots. The studio faces a large open lawn space, where one can lounge and take a nap, if desired. The back of the studio opens to the washing station and the orchard.

Kiln Area

Kitchen Area

Spray Booth

Washing Area