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The Stay

Aura Pottery has space for 16 guests at a time, with rooms ranging from two bunk beds, two single beds, or one king sized bed. The villa also has a courtyard in the centre, surrounded by the rooms, a common lounge, common bathrooms and a backyard. The accommodation is basic and there is free wifi available at the stay. 

The Rooms
The rooms are basic but comfortable, it's a dorm-like set up with single beds and shelves for storage. The rooms may take you back to memories of living in hostels. They are air conditioned and well lit. We believe in initiating art, wherever possible, so go on use the walls or even doors as your canvas.

The Courtyard
In the centre of all the rooms is a small courtyard. It turns into a fireplace during the winter. Perfect for spending time with other artists and travellers. This is an ideal place to hang around with other guests, read a book or simply enjoy your morning tea!


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