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Home Made Pottery in India

The Stay

The pottery retreat residents stay at the Villa during their visit to Aura for their ceramic art residencies. The Villa is a small building towards the far end of the property. It faces the orchard and is a two-minute walk from the studio. It has open courtyards surrounding it on all sides.

pottery Residencies

Walking Path

Ceramic Art Residencies

The Courtyards

Art Residencies

The villa Enterance

Pottery in India

The Villa at Aura


The Villa

The Villa can house 12 people at a given time, on a shared basis. There are currently 2 double bedrooms, 2 four-bed dormitories, 2 two-bed dormitories, and 2 single-bed rooms. All bathrooms are shared, with 4 shower cubicles and 4 toilet cubicles. All rooms are air-conditioned.

The Villa is a compact space with rooms opening into a central area where residents can get together to lounge, listen to music or chat. The living spaces are basic but clean.

Studio Pottery Residencies

Double Bedroom

Pottery Residencies

Four-Bed Dormitories

Pottery Residencies Chandgarh

Bathroom Area

Studio Residencies



The Open

Aura has lots of open spaces and a walking path circumventing the entire property, perfect for that morning walk or a jog. Large lawns are inviting to stroll upon in the evenings. Aura has a large open-air pool with attached changing rooms. Residents are welcome to use the pool at their convenience. We believe in cooking organic, and therefore maintain a large organic vegetable patch for fresh vegetables and fruits. For individuals who are looking to enjoy some peace and quiet, Aura presents itself as a wonderful getaway where one can ponder, think, relax and discover the artist within.

Pottery Residencies Farm

Walking Path

Studio Space for Rent

The Orchard

Studio Farm

Vegetable patch

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Swimming Pool