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The Outdoors

Aura has been given years of special care, love and nourishment! You will come across a vast range of flowers and trees. A lush green orchard covers the area between the stay and the studio which has fruit trees, ready to be plucked and eaten right off the branch! These delicious fresh goodies include mangos, pomegranates, figs, plums, peaches, guavas, mulberries and many more! A path runs around the perimeter of the stay which is perfect for morning walks and runs and henceforth appropriate for a detox plan in India. The pond is a pleasant corner where birds often take sanctuary and frogs jump around, it makes for a quiet spot to sit and contemplate. The front gardens are vast and longing for you to play on them, whether you want a casual game of soccer or just some play time with Bosch, the doberman and Tofu & Fifi, our labrador-retrievers at Aura! The whole motive behind a detox plan in India is to get the positive energy reflected in your art work.

There are many activities besides art that you can pursue at Aura. Take a dip in the pool or explore the village on a bicycle; Play badminton, football or basketball with your friends, or just hang around and have a good time.


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