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Potters Villa Residents

Potters Villa Residents

Welcome to the Potters Villa at Aura Pottery. This page is a brief description of all that you can expect at the retreat during your residency with us.



The pantry is equipped with a kettle and tea coffee options. Filtered water is available and you’re welcome to fill your bottles and take them to your room. Please help yourself to snacks available for guests. Please note that all the snacks are home cooked and not processed packaged items.


  • We do not have the option of ordering anything specific from the kitchen.
  • We’re unable to cater to personal food/drink requests or food allergies.
  • We serve simple home cooked meals which are typically as follows:


9:30 am

1 sweet OR savory dish like dalia, poha, upma, along with scrambled eggs OR boiled eggs OR frittata, toast & hummus. Cheese, jam and butter are in the fridge. Please help yourselves. Tea and coffee is self service from the pantry. Please note we are unable to cater to specific individual requests for food or drink.


1:30 pm

Wholesome Indian lunch e.g. Rajma Rice, Chana Rice, Kadhi Rice, Seasonal Vegetables Roti, Idli Sambar, with salad and pickles.


7:30 pm

A light continental dinner e.g. Baked vegetables, Noodles, Kathi Rolls, Pasta, Burgers with breads.


  • Guests are welcome to bring their own snacks and beverages and be responsible for them. 
  • We’re as Eco-friendly as can be so packaged food is generally discouraged at Aura.
  • Please avoid smoking indoors, ash trays are available on the porches attached to each room.
  • Kindly avoid food inside rooms, all meals are served and shared in the central lounge.
  • Bathrooms have geysers which can be individually turned on for running hot water.
  • Each room has a heater during the winter months.
  • Each room is air conditioned and has an AC remote.
  • Guests can entertain visitors in the studio between 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Non-residents are not allowed in the Potters Villa.



During your stay with us, please reach out over the whatsapp group you are added to if you need any assistance.