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Overlap Slab Mugs

Workshop at Aura Pottery - Sat, May 30
Timing: 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Duration: 2.5 hrs per day

Join us at our pottery studio where we teach you how to  build a ceramic mug and carve out a special message or design. Be a gifting hero or just keep it for yourself, these mugs are a functional work of art, and will make a lovely memory. They are simple and elegant to look at and will teach you a whole lot about the basics of hand building pottery.

You will learn:

Day 1

  • Roll out a 6mm clay slab for your mug
  • Cut out the mug template with the handle
  • Shape the handle and leave it to dry
  • Put together the mug as instructed
  • Let dry until the next day

Day 2

  • Once leather hard, attach the handle
  • Carve out your message or design
  • Finish your mug with tools and wet sponge
  • Sign your mug with your name and date
  • Wrap and store your work to dry


  • For ages 16 and above only.
  • No prior clay knowledge is required to join our workshops.
  • All the material and the firing charges are included in the above cost.
  • All the pieces will remain in the studio to dry completely, bisque fired and then glaze fired to reveal the final product.
  • This is a 4 week long process, hence your pieces will be available to pick up after a minimum span of 4 weeks.
  • In case you’re unable to pick up your piece, we can ship them to you, at an additional shipping cost.
  • The workshop fee is non refundable, but can be transferred to another participant

Cost: Rs. 1500