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About Aura

Set within a 3 acre farmhouse area, Aura offers a large, fully equipped pottery and art studio to potter in, paint, sketch and sculpt, a swimming pool as well as large outdoor spaces to work in. Aura is 30 minutes away from Chandigarh, the beautiful city created by the French architect Le Corbusier.

Amidst lush green surroundings, Aura Pottery is popularly known for its pottery courses. There is a fully equipped pottery studio available for use for amateur and intermediate potters who would like to book a pottery course at Aura Pottery. The resident potter Anuja Lath, also known as the Weekend Potter, is available for teaching pottery early mornings on weekdays and full days on weekends. You can book a pottery retreat with us to learn about the basics of pottery, kiln firing & glazing. We also have a library of books on ancient India pottery, different kinds of pottery in India, the history of pottery in India and how pottery evolved in India. If you’re looking to get down to some real pottery business in India, this is your chance!

Besides pottery, Aura is also available for hosting events and workshops. You can book an event with us if you'd like! Events such as art workshops, small organisation gatherings, retreat workshops and professional photo and video shoots are welcome to be held at Aura.

At Aura, you will be offered a comfortable stay, healthy organic meals, and a creatively designed peaceful get-away from the everyday life. Come along to potter around, make new friends, reflect and basically have some fun! 

The Team


Conceived Aura Pottery because of her passion for creativity and love for meeting travelers & artists. A business woman during weekdays and a potter on the weekend, she is the resident potter and teacher for those who wish to book a pottery retreat.

There isn't a problem that he can't solve. He's the backbone of Aura and makes sure everything is working like a well oiled machine. He loves art as much as science, which is a lot. He's extremely passionate about sculpting and quantum physics.

The helping hand at Aura Pottery, she works to materialise the creative ideas of the team. She enjoys doodling, painting, lettering and experimenting with various mediums. She's passionate about traveling and the design of everyday things.

The social media queen, she makes sure all the amazing experiences at Aura are documented and shared with the world. She's passionate about playing the piano and can't go a day without practicing. She enjoys writing and telling stories.

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