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On trying something new

Imagine that you are sitting home one night and out of the blue your friend calls and says, “We’re going bungee jumping tomorrow morning, want to tag along?” If you are an introvert, you will probably say no and it might be a good decision on your part. But, it all depends why you are saying no. If you decline the invitation because you have a set agenda which you can’t avoid, or because you want to spend some time alone, it comes in as a smart move. But, what if you are scared of something new? What if you lack confidence? Precisely what I realised in the passing year.

2016 came to me as a whole new set of experience. I worked at a backpackers hostel, which meant meeting a whole bunch of diverse people coming from different parts of the world. I witnessed several forms of lives, the fearless expat, the cunning acquaintance, the intrepid world traveler, the anxiety-ridden dependent, the optimistic partner, the heartbroken friend. Along with that I encountered a hundred unsuited emotions - hopeful and discouraged, excited and apathetic, inspired and utterly disengaged, generous and self-protective, joyful and bitterly sad, and the list goes on. All of it made me realise how scared I was to try something new, how equally important a bad experience is, as a good one.

Trying new things can be undoubtedly horrendous for some. The unfamiliar makes us nervous in a way that is hard to describe. The act of leaving your comfort zone puts you in a vulnerable position, and leaves you with an onslaught of questions running through your head. We ask ourselves: “Should I be doing this? Can I do this? Do I look stupid?” While it may not feel like it, this is normal and it is good because it pushes you to try something new.

There is nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of living an ordinary life, but most of life is made of ordinary moments. How much of mine do I miss by checking out and simply going through the motions while I dream of being somewhere else? After seeing how many people I have met and doors I have opened, the addictive daydreaming of my next path is another enticement to keep living my life. These experiences taught me how to be true to myself, how to overcome fear, how to try something new, a side of us which we should evolve in the coming year, being it the only resolution.

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