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Reasons to register for The Write Story

“I don’t write. I am not a writer.”

Truth is that writer or not, we are our stories and therefore, we’re all storytellers. We have been the narrator and the audience of our stories for a while now. But what are these stories?

‘The Write Story’ is a two-day retreat aimed at inspiring non-writers and writers, non-explorers and explorers, alike to begin unwrapping their individual stories i.e. their inner narratives through expressive writing. Expressive writing as the name suggests follows a free-flow style of putting thoughts and emotions to paper. It is a personal journey of unravelling and understanding one’s own inner world.

P.S.: Everybody can write.


Expressive writing is not about creating pieces of literature. Its aim is the articulation of one’s own story in one’s own style with the words one’s most comfortable with. Therefore, everybody can write. One of the reasons we think we have nothing to write about is that we tell ourselves that we don’t have a story to begin with. So why bother writing?

Confronting any trigger through writing about it and acknowledging the associated emotions, is proven to gradually lower the overall stress on the body. Such confrontation involves translating the event into words, enabling cognitive integration and understanding of it.


Writing has been found to result in improvements in both physical and psychological health. It has helped individuals:

  • heal from trauma
  • cope better during times of stress and
  • conquer blocks – within professional and personal relationships


Below are some of the takeaways from previous such workshops:


  • “I find that I have stumbled upon a medium to disconnect and reconnect with myself.”
  • "Apt, simple and not heavy on the senses. Loved the calm energy. I feel like I got a booster shot of hope. I'm leaving with a much bigger repository of tools I can use to connect with myself in a comfortable way"
  • "I blog once in every 10-15 days and I only blog about things I feel strongly about. Hence the 10-15 day gap. But with this workshop, it's been a pleasure to write 4-5 pieces. Loved to hear thoughts and stories from others, makes you realise we are different but the same. I like that thoughts and feelings are honoured here. It's been a great session."



Still looking for a reason why?

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