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Pottery Holidays: Your 2019 Retreat at Aura Pottery, India

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It’s never too late to ignite your creative soul and what better way than to indulge in a bit of pottery at Aura Pottery. Set amidst the lush green fields on the outskirts of Chandigarh (India), it is a contemporary, unique pottery studio with a creative outlet that is perfect for you! You can learn various pottery techniques such as throwing, pinching and coiling or enhance your present skill set. By the end, you will be able to create some magic with your own hands and feel connected with your inner creative source.

This creative journey doesn’t end here. There is more to it than meets the eye. Aura Pottery also gives the opportunity to learn other forms of art such as Batik, Zentangle and Pickle Making, all unique and special in their own way. All this combined with a healthy organic meal and comfortable stay will lead to the most wholesome experience that you’ll want to keep repeating.  Having said that let’s take a look at the ten-day Aura pottery retreat program and what all it has to offer.


Day 0 - Arrival

This is where it all begins! Once you have arrived at the venue, you can settle in or take a walking tour of the property – a three-acre ceramic art residency in India with hosts Atul and Anuja. Post lunch, you can visit the pottery studio to get familiar with the place which will be your workspace for the next few days! As you take your time to settle into space, wind off the day with some good food and community drum circle (West African Djembe) in anticipation of a week full of exciting experiences.


Day 1 - Saturday

This is going to be your first day at the studio where you will get to meet people who share a common love for pottery under one single roof.  The lovely host Anuja aka @weekendpotter will share her beautiful story and journey with clay. The day is full of hands-on learning on the wheel, along with an interesting session on healthy food habits and how food can be thy medicine. Later in the evening, between 6 to 8 pm, you can do your own thing (DYOT), start your batik artwork, or join the drum circle on the lawn to connect with others and contribute to something outside of oneself.


Day 2 - Sunday

On day 2, wake up your senses first thing in the morning with a yoga session. Post freshening up and breakfast, you will head back to the studio and can start to practice pot throwing on the wheel and examine your pots in detail to see how good you’re getting at this technique. At the end of the day, you will be introduced to batik art and get to create your own piece of batik art on cotton fabric.


Day 3 - Monday

After a refreshing start in the early morning with some meditative breathing exercises, this day will be about getting better at throwing. Explore new shapes, and learn the finer points of the craft of pottery with few tips and tricks on turning and trimming your pots so they come out looking smashing hot even before they go into the kiln!


Day 4 - Tuesday

The next few days from here onwards will be of new experiences for you. Learn to roll out the clay, and create using slabs. Then tickle your taste buds and add some zing to your day with a pickle-making workshop which you can take back home to relive your memories at the Aura Pottery retreat.


Day 5 - Wednesday
All the basic clay work techniques such as pinching and coiling will be covered on this day. Furthermore, learn how to make an Ocarina (a clay whistle) to have some interesting posts ready to go on your Instagram and Facebook pages! Maybe you’d also want to add some pictures from your Dance Movement Therapy session planned later during the day, to show off some of your moves.


Day 6 - Thursday

Some of the pots made by you can go into firing today. Spend the rest of the day creating more pots to boost your creativity while having fun at the same time. Also, your finished Batik art will be ready for dyeing.


Day 7 – Friday

This day work some more in the studio as you relive your clay fantasies. To wind off the day, enjoy the Mandala making sessions and Zentangle Workshop to enhance relaxation and focus. 


Day 8 - Saturday

On the Day 8, the firing up of the kiln will begin after you prepare your pots for a bisque firing. In the second half of the day, another beautiful experience awaits you, as you learn to make your own Macramé pot holder to go with the beauties that eventually emerge from the kiln. 


Day 9 - Sunday

This day you’ll get to explore the beautiful world of glazing! Not keeping your art experiences limited to just clay and papers, watch an expert henna artist make intricate, breathtaking patterns on your hands.


Day 10 - Monday

The creative, memorable unique pottery retreat will conclude on this day with opening up of the glaze kiln and admiring each others work.


At Aura, you can simply enjoy the freedom to be as creative as you want while having fun with clay and bonding with like-minded people. So come and indulge in an exciting pottery retreat to let your creativity flow freely!

Visit: www.aurapottery.com/page/pottery-retreats or email us at hello@aurapottery.com with your preferred dates to book a retreat and create memories of a lifetime!

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