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Photography, an art form

In my mind art is a subjectively biased interpretation of the artist’s subject. In many ways, the choice of subject is largely irrelevant, it’s the biased interpretation that makes things interesting and unique.

Artists show their own unique vision of a scene, which provokes a reaction from us, the viewer. Their ‘job’ if you like, is to make us see a scene and to execute it in a way that engages the viewer. The skill lies in being able to translate an idea into a finished product in the medium of the artist’s choice.

Lucas Zimmermann is one such example. His long exposure shots in the fog, of traffic lights, are a perfect example of an ordinary scene turned into a stage or art. This makes Photography an Art Form. Each of Zimmerman’s photos is a product of 20-second long exposure shots and some tweaking of color temperature adjustments. Check them out:

*Image courtesy - Google Images

More about the artist - Website | Facebook Page


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