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Mallika Chabba, October Residency Artist

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Mallika Chabba is an emerging artist who grew up in the beautiful valleys of Dehradun. The 31-year-old graduated from St. Thomas College in Dehradun.

Starting from a young age, Mallika strove to be an artist. She went on to study at the Chandigarh Government College of Arts where she specialised in Sculpting Clay. On completing her bachelor's in Fine Arts, she moved to New Delhi to be part of the Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage where she had the great opportunity of restoring paintings from the 18th century. 


She held her first art exhibition for the "Child Health and Welfare Foundation", which further lead to a succession of multiple exhibitions across the city. She later on also moved to Mumbai to transform the walls of Mumbai into colourful works of art, as part of a group called 'Bollywood Art Project". She now lives in Chandigarh, and continues to create art in different mediums, neon being her favourite!

Working outside the four studio walls in the lush green surroundings, with a speaker next to the canvas humming best melodies of all time, Mallika played with different hues of nature. In love with nature so intensely that she hardly worked in the indoor studio. Lost in some other dimension, she created magic.

"To find light, darkness is required and florescent colours become the life and light of the canvas."

Days were spent working on the concept and details with non-florescent paints while changing the entire game just after it got dark when the neon paints would bring her art to life, glowing fearlessly under UV lights. The journey of seeing the art starting to emerge into life was definitely intoxicating and was much enjoyed by everyone around. During her stay at the Aura Art Stay, Mallika worked on 4 canvases, out of which 3 were painted with neon paints.


"A piece of Intuitive Art where criss-cross dancing strokes of black and white flow across the canvas, each shade holding its identity strong while amalgamating well with the surroundings."

Seed of Life

"Seed of life is all about the thought process, more positive one is, more the tree of life grows.It is a depiction of ones mind; whatever we think, our life becomes.


Intuitive Art - I                                                  Intuitive Art - II

"Intuitive Art is a form of painting without any pre-conceived idea or vision and it's all about trusting your intuitions, going with the flow and enjoying the process of creation. This form of art helps you to listen to yourself and knowing when the colours speak to you. Its more like meditating with a 'creative tool' in my hand this helps me let go of things and trust my inner self, taking me to a happy place while I am in the process of creating."

"I don't really plan what I'm going to paint, I'd rather let go of my creative spirit and wait for the canvas to decide how the artwork makes progress. I believe in conversing with the canvas. It's all in the spur of the moment."


"My time at Aura Art Stay was wonderful given the luxury of time space and peace that the whole experience provides. There was definitely a great feeling of coexistence and collective growth with other artists. My favourite time was at the studio especially during the night when the paints would glow and the various workshops. The amazing hosts, Atul and Anuja are very fun loving and caring. Atul sir is someone who gives good advice and has an honest chain of thoughts and I am very thankful to Anuja who made me experience another world of clay on the wheel in the Sculpting Studio. I will definitely go back to aura for a more creative experience."

Having Mallika over was a delightful experience! Happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic and courageous enough to let the colours flow intuitively and letting the painting emerge itself, she taught us all the true meaning of Art and Sculpting. Aura Art Stay Team wishes you the best; may your light enlighten more lives!

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