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BBC - The big painting challenge

Two presenters Mariella Frostrup and Rev Richard Coles along wth 10 artistically inclined contestants will conduct a 6 week long artistic boot camp to improvise on their painting skills.

"Mariella a retired optometrist and Rev an astro physicist will come together for an art show which goes beyond the core artistic endeavour" says BBC Arts head of commissioning Mark Bell. 

The main change from the previously organised BBC’s amateur painting competition, is the levels of instruction provided. The 10 contestants will be divided into two teams led by mentors Diana Ali and Pascal Anson, who will pass on tips and tricks that the BBC hopes will encourage viewers to think about a trip to the art supply shop.

“Getting actual tips on how paintings are made, ways in which you can improve your own technique, encourages engagement and participation in picking up a paintbrush. The objective of this series is to engage people, to engage them actively in the process of making art.”

Full story - TheGuardian


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