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Aura Pottery March 2020 Newsletter

A lot of hands-on studio sessions are going on since we are buzzing with people joining us from different parts of the world. Check out our studio happenings in the month of February.

Namgay’s Pottery Retreat

Taking a vacation can mean many things, but for Namgay it was a retreat visit to us for pottery! She visited us from Bhutan to further improve her practice in ceramics and explored hand building shapes during her time here. Take a look at the products she ended up making in a span of four weeks!

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Aura Pottery February 2020 Newsletter

January has passed with a blink of an eye. The start of the year has been a roller coaster ride already, but at least we don’t get bored! Take a look at all the happenings at our studio this past month.

Ellen's Pottery Retreat

It was a treat sharing the studio space with such a positive soul. Ellen joined us from Scotland for a pottery retreat and filled our ambience with not only her creativity, but with her warmth and laughter. Enjoy her journey with all smiles.


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Aura Pottery January 2020 Newsletter

New Year Greetings

Happy New Year from your friends at Aura Pottery. We wish you the warmth of creativity this year!

2019 was an amazing year but we are already dreaming up big ideas for the next year. Here are some of our favorites from 2019.

Katrine Tan’s experience at Aura

Katrine joined us from Singapore and made the most of our studio for the 2 weeks she visited us. With little experience working in clay, she left us in awe with her beautifully intricate pottery designs. Take a look at her journey with us her...

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Aura Pottery Newsletter - December 2019

Aura Pottery is shaped by the people who populate us throughout the year. We are thrilled to have spent the last couple of months in the company of such thoughtful, dedicated and creative people who chose to join us from all over the world. From creating our own tools in the studio to hosting our very first exhibition at Aura, here are the highlights of the buzzing month of November.


We love when our guests make the full use of our studio premises. Watch our quick 30 second video...

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