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Aura Pottery India - Aug Newsletter 2022

Clear blue skies are a balm to the eyes and soothing to the soul. The myriad hues of blue along with the green gardens enhance the overall beauty of our already charming Aura!

Monsoon wasn’t gloomy this July, it sprung creativity and enthusiasm among the studio potters and the pottery retreat guests. Our original bean shaped pond with it’s cute little island got topped up pretty quickly and is brimming with life.

Aura Pottery Retreats have begun!

Our retreats calendar for the rest of 20...

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The Aura Coffee Mug

  • Aura Pottery
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  • July 22, 2022
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I'm convinced coffee can fix almost everything. And what better way to have coffee than in your own, hand-crafted, ceramic coffee mug. Life doesn't get better than that. Let me show you how we make your favorite coffee mug at Aura!

Working by hand is generally easier to master than using a potter's wheel. For this particular design, we use a slab of clay. Slab building allows you to make pottery - including mugs and pitchers - with clean lines. For this, you will have to roll out a slab of clay, with a thickness of about 6mm...

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Aura Pottery India - July Newsletter 2022

Aura is absolutely lush and verdant this time of the year - foliage glistening with the songs of the monsoon rain. After the terrible, scorching heat of the month of June, the light showers have helped infuse life back into every leaf at the farm. If you think monsoons are best enjoyed watching the rain drops fall, along with a hot cup of tea, we have news for you. We’ve opened our Potter’s Villa once again, all revamped, for pottery retreats and have been busy with clay enthusiasts who are pouring in for an ‘artcation&rsqu...

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Clay culture: Storytelling and Ceramics

One would find it rather interesting to note that storytelling and pottery, both are amongst one of the oldest traditions in human history, and the two own the power to create magic when brought together.

Stories can be lonesome or intertwined, short and crisp or rich and endless. We all have a story and as do pieces of art we make whilst playing different characters in these stories. An intimate story we write for ourselves here at Aura is one, of the pieces we craft - the brutal temperatures our piece goes through, their molding, s...

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Aura Pottery India - June Newsletter 2022

Bring on the sunshine! It’s the season of summer vacations and Aura is adding flavor to your plans with exciting news. Pottery Retreats, Pottery Classes and Kids' Summer Camps are in full swing at Aura Pottery, and should definitely be a part of your holiday schedule.

Read on for more details…

Pottery Retreats

Bored of your cliched holiday plans? We have an idea for you!

Bookings for Pottery Retreats at Aura are now open! We are knee-deep in finishing up the Potters Villa and w...

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