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Aura Pottery India - November Newsletter 2021

October was a glorious month at Aura Pottery, for we curated one of our most exquisite exhibits so far, in Chandigarh, India and received an overwhelming response from its residents. Pandemic fatigue apart, real human interaction with our patrons was what we had missed the most until October. It filled our hearts with warmth and renewed vigour to receive the kind of appreciation we did. Any artist will tell you the value of a few words of genuine recognition for their craft.

The exhibit was showcased at The Alchemy, a...

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Aura Pottery India - April Newsletter 2021

March at Aura Pottery was ALL about terracotta, terracotta and more terracotta!

Earlier this year, in January, Anuja had a two week stint with terracotta and BIG pots. She made a couple of big pieces at Clayfingers, and fell in love with hand building them. This just HAD to be done at Aura!

Here are two 22” high pots which are slowly drying in the studio and will hopefully be fired this month. We’re currently restricted by the size of our kiln, but the dream is to go higher and taller.

Another dream is...

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Aura Pottery India - March Newsletter 2021

The studio at Aura Pottery (India) has been buzzing with students for classes and workshops. Spring is in the air and in such beautiful weather, it’s lovely to work with your hands and create beautiful pottery.

Our workshops each Saturday are a big hit, and it’s a joy to work with people of all ages for those two hours when everyone is learning and creating. All workshop pieces are left in the studio for drying and glazing, after which the participants pick them up to use in their own homes.

Here is the workshop sc...

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Mid December 2020 Newsletter

We’re excited to present our new collection of exclusive handmade ceramic jewelry, which is shipping worldwide!

View the entire collection here: https://shop.aurapottery.com/collections/jewelry

We're sharing a few select pieces with you below, hope you enjoy them!

Shop Now

Shop Now

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Aura Pottery December 2020 Newsletter

With the holidays around the corner, we’re excited to share all the available work on our online store, ready to be shipped to you as soon as you make the purchase. We will ship your purchase anywhere in the world!

Take a look at some gifting ideas for the holidays and make it special for your loved ones!

Espresso Coffee Mug

$10 USD(10 in stock)

Turquoise Blue Overlap Mug

$11 USD(5 in stock)...

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