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Aura Pottery India - February Newsletter 2023

January in Northern India is a month of transition, from the frosty chill of winter to a hint of spring’s sweet attraction. The sun rises later, casting a golden hue, as the morning fog lifts, revealing the skies of blue. It’s a time to cherish the silence and peace, and to gather the strength to welcome new beginnings. We at Aura are a team of go-getters, of course we took it slow on dreary winter days but this month we worked with an extra scoop of zeal. 2023 seems magical already!

Product Prototyping at Aura


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Aura Pottery India - January Newsletter 2023

It’s been a fulfilling year, to say the least! We cherished being a place of craft & creativity, all the while spreading love through the medium of clay. We started 2022 with dreams for Aura Pottery and what an adventurous year it ended up being!

From reopening the Potters Villa, to hosting visitors from all over the globe, to having a super successful Ceramic Showcase in October… it’s been a great year, and our hearts are full of gratitude!

We thank you for your purchases, encouragement and appreciati...

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Aura Pottery India - November Newsletter 2022

October was a glorious month at Aura Pottery, for we curated one of our most exquisite exhibits all so far, at Aura Farm and received an overwhelming response from our guests. It filled our hearts with warmth and renewed vigor to receive the kind of appreciation we did. Any artist will let you in on what it means to receive a few words of genuine recognition for their craft. It was truly gratifying to say the least.

This is the lovely bunch of ladies (team) that made it happen - the Aura Power Girls!

Glimpses of the...

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Aura Pottery India - September Newsletter 2022

Life at Aura is lush and how! Every nook and cranny of Aura has life buzzing in it - you could sit in a spot for hours and simply be mesmerized by life all around you, busy doing its thing.

We live by the Swedish proverb, ‘Shared joy is double joy’ and that is why we are the happiest when we get to share our beautiful farm and studio with lovers of pottery! We have been fortunate to have had some amazing people come stay with us at the Potters Villa to explore pottery and set out on their own clay journe...

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Aura Pottery India - Aug Newsletter 2022

Clear blue skies are a balm to the eyes and soothing to the soul. The myriad hues of blue along with the green gardens enhance the overall beauty of our already charming Aura!

Monsoon wasn’t gloomy this July, it sprung creativity and enthusiasm among the studio potters and the pottery retreat guests. Our original bean shaped pond with it’s cute little island got topped up pretty quickly and is brimming with life.

Aura Pottery Retreats have begun!

Our retreats calendar for the rest of 20...

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